Monday, November 26, 2012

C. Ramaswamy reelected ISAE president

Varanasi, November 18, 2012: C. Ramaswamy was reelected as president of the Indian Society of Agricultural Economics (ISAE) for second term.

The executive council selected NAARM, Hyderabad for the 73rd conference of the society.

Eight new members have been selected in the executive council. Dr. Manish Singh from Uttar Pradesh is the new member of the executive council.

 The 73rd conference will focus on dry agriculture and its problems, sustainable agricultural development and agricultural Business and trade.

Prof. Subedar Singh, Prof. A.P. Singh, Prof. Chandra Sen, Prof. Ranjit Singh, Mr.Brijesh Kumar Yadav,Mr. Neeraj Singh, Mr.Hryaday Kumar, Mr. Santosh Kumar, Ms. Arpita Gangwar, Ms Rooba Hasan, Ms Maina Kumari and Mr. Dinesh Kumar were present at the closing function.
Prof. HP Singh proposed a vote of thanks.


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