Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Ganga valley civilization and Harappan civilization are having interrelations'

Varanasi, December 16, 2013: Director of Bharat Kala Bhavan Dr AK Singh said Ganga valley civilization and Harappan civilization were having interrelations. Dr Singh was addressing a an international seminar on “Recent Advances in Archaeological Science” at the Science Faculty auditorium in Banaras Hindu University here.

On the third and concluding day of the seminar, Singh underlined the fact that on the basis of similarities in potteries bead manufacturing copper implements suggest the marking relations between the two civilizations.

He said the early views about the Harappans and Ganga valley co-relation needed to be revised.

Dr. Arpita Chatterjee proposed the life style of Buddhist monks. Prof. R.P. Pandey of Gwalior University talked about the archaeology of Madhya Pradesh. Dr. Archana Sharma underlined the econometric principles of the literature of the classical age and statues of Sarnath. Dr. S.B. Ota presided the session.

Prof. Suman Jain in other session gave new insights towards Vaishnavism with the help of inscriptions and coins. Prof. Asha Joshi emphasized on the cultural historiography and archaeology. Prof. A.K. Dubey talked about the early settlement pattern of Jaunpur district mainly in the vicinity of Gomati-Sai valley. Prof. M.D.N. Sahi has chaired the above session. The next session was chaired by Prof. Pravesh Kumar Srivastava.

Three days Joint Annual Conference came to an end today, with the decision of meeting at Deccan College, Post Graduate Research Institute, Pune.

Scholars in the different thematic seminars of this conference agreed on many of the important issues. The antiquity of The Ganga valley in the early historical period must be around 1500 BC, as many of iron implements potteries and artifacts in different excavations suggest.

Harrapan and Ganga valley civilizations must be studied with the view that the civilizations are having their independent origin and simultaneously they transformed. Their legacy can be traced on the lifestyle of different communities and their culture. The importance of Ganga valley and the urbanization need more study with the scientific ads.

Anthropological, geological, ethnographical and other related scientific discipline of archaeology should be incorporated in study of Ganga and the tributaries.


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