Saturday, April 3, 2010

Congress MLA Ajay Rai booked under Gangsters Act

Varanasi police arrested Congress MLA Ajay Rai for allegedly trying to set a trader afire alive on March 28, 2010. The MLA and five others were booked under Gangsters Act and MLA was sent to the District Jail.
Photos from top 1 and 2: MLA Ajay Rai is being taken to the District Jail in Varanasi on Sunday
Photo 3 and 4: Supporters of MLA Ajay Rai involve in some altercation with SP (City) Vijay Bhushan in District Court premises in Varanasi on March 28, 2010.
Photos 5 and 6: Supporters of MLA Ajay Rai are in court premises in Varanasi.
Bottom: Before arrest the police officers talk to MLA Ajay Rai's in latter's Lahurabir house in Varanasi on March 28, 2010.
Photo: Samrat

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