Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seminar on Purvanchal State

Kashi Patrakar Sangh organised a three-day seminar on "Purvanchal State: Challenges and Possibilites" in Varanasi on February 15, 2010.
Photo: Samrat


  1. It is nice to see people from walks of life participating in the statehood of Purvanchal. Pl update on matters as I am supporter of Statehood as well as development of region .
    Pawan Kumar Singh
    Founder President
    Purvanchal Vikas Foundation

  2. We Allahabadis dont uderstand the propaganda
    of you purvanchalies about counting Allahabad
    in Purvanchal. Allahabad is integral and un-separable area of the Doab.Allabad district is not so bad ecnomicaly and in educationally..
    which can be supported by the presence of many intitutions of national repute plus more than 15 private Engineering colleges. purvanchal people who got settled in Allabad might be more tha happy but for a native Allahabadi its a digaster to be a part of purvanchal...we will be happy if you get your purvanchal state -no problem-we are happy being a part of LKO -ALLD- Kanpur region..

  3. yuva utthan kaise ho? berojgari se mukti kaise miley? manniya kirpaya samadhan sujhayen........
    Pawan kr. singh
    uttar pradesh patrakaar parishad